How are your prices?
Answer: If you bring us a quote from a local company with similar standards of quality, we will beat it by 5%.
We are confident that we are the option for your renovation, and we would hate for a slight price difference to stop us from having the opportunity to serve you.

Do you accept credit cards?
Answer: Yes we do. Most major types are accepted, such as Visa and Master Card etc.

Can you give my home a total overhaul?
Answer: Yes. As a licensed contractor, we have expertise in projects ranging in all sizes. Big or small, we do them all.

Can we supply our own materials?
Answer: Yes. We just ask that you notify us before the contract is signed if you need us to deliver or pick anything up. Otherwise that is not normally included if you supply your own materials.

How much advance notice do you need before starting a job?
Answer: We only need a few weeks notice to start a small job such as a bathroom.

Once the job starts how long until you will finish?
Answer: We never compromise quality in an effort to finish quickly. We certainly work as diligently as possible to complete your project in a timely manner; however, we cannot guarantee a time frame. Rest assured that your project will get done right, and we will work consistently until it gets done. We know construction is a huge burden so we work as quickly as possible to let you enjoy your renovation as soon as possible.

How many workers will you have in my house?
Answer: The average residential job usually requires a small crew of 1 to 3 guys.

Will I need to be at home while you are working?
Answer: We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Furthermore, we have a great track record with local clients. This all means that if you desire, you can feel very confident and safe with giving us a key. We will be sure to lock up and follow any special instructions when we leave.

How much dust and mess can I expect?
Answer: We take every precaution to keep our work space as tidy as possible. We know construction inherently is dirty and inconvenient to customers, so we try to minimize that as much as possible. We use tarps, plastic sheeting, fans etc. As a matter of practice we leave the job every day nice and tidy.

Do you offer discounts for big jobs?
Answer: It is a case by case situation, but yes, sometimes we are able to offer a volume discount.

Do you do commercial work?
Answer: Yes. We service both residential and commercial clients.